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It's very comfortable now may not be so comfortable later on and that's what I might have to take out you know my mutual funds my only worry is my dad worked for the state of Illinois the state's pretty much insolvent and like even his health care which is through the state of Illinois it could take up to a year for him to get reimbursed for things like that so that is worrisome Music retirement is all some people ever think about especially the 50 million plus Americans set to retire in the next few years they obsess over it like my dad did it's what they work for it's their dreams but those dreams could be shattered you're about to hear real visions founder and CEO Ralph al explore why we're heading into a retirement crisis in America and around the world as many people take on more risk than they understand I was curious to see if anyone was thinking about this so we spoke with people in New York and heard the same story over and over people pushing off retirement people not having enough savings people relying on government pensions here's some of what they said no no way I could have saved enough time I mean I have enough to retiring let's say if I want to go to Wyoming or something like that I saved enough for at least the next 10 years who knows with inflation what will happen but I feel next ten years I'm ok if the United States government goes out of business then my pension won't be there these stories were just a small sample of what we heard and this is not just something that those actively looking for retirement are going to face it's something that's going to have a big impact on my generation as well whether it's figuring out pensions or Social Security or potentially supporting our own parents retirement is part of the promise of life in the developed world and if that promise isn't met it's really going to affect everyone whether you're hoping to retire in five years or 50 Music my name's Ralph Powell I'm the CEO and co-founder of real vision but today I'm talking on behalf of global macro investor my research business I want to talk about what I think is the biggest single theme of our generation and I think it's the most important thing that anybody can understand and it's all about the pension crisis you see demographics is the big story of our time and it's all about the story of the baby boomer generation this was the largest generation of people the world have ever known in the richest countries in across the globe now that generation drove all of the macroeconomic forces that we come to recognize as normal now that was when they first came into the labor force back in the 1970s when there were 20 or so.


Airbus seems to be filling way more airline orders than Boeing. Is Airbus putting Boeing out of business?
Airbus will never put Boeing out of business, nor will Boeing do that to Airbus.Think about this - do you think the buyers (Airlines, leasing companies) want to have one, and only one supplier of airframes, with all the pricing consequences that entails? No sir, the best leverage in price negotiation is having an alternative.What do you suppose the suppliers and subcontractors (there are many, many around the globe) think of the idea of a single customer? Do you realize that a huge % of suppliers count BOTH Airbus and Boeing as customers? The two “competitors” share the very same industrial ecosystem. Don’t even get me started on the biggest of the suppliers - the engine people: RR, PW, GE, CFM .If you really, really dig under the covers, you’ll even find that A and B do business with each other ,)
Mathematical Puzzles: What is + + = 30 using 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15?
My question had been merged with another one and as a result, I have added the previous answer to the present one. Hopefully this provides a clearer explanation. Just using the numbers given there, it's not possible, because odd + odd = even, even + odd = odd. 30 is an even number, the answer of 3 odd numbers must be odd, it's a contradiction. If what people say is true, then the question is wrongly phrased its any number of operations within those three brackets must lead to 30. Then it becomes a lot easier. Such as 15 + 7 + (7 + 1). That would give 30. But it assumes something that the question does not state explicitly and cannot be done that way. I still stick to my first point, it can't be done within the realm of math and just using three numbers, if not, then the latter is a way to solve it.EDIT:   This question has come up many times, Any odd number can be expressed as the following, Let [math]n, m, p[/math] be an odd number, [math] n = 1 (mod[/math] [math]2), m = 1 (mod[/math] [math]2), p = 1 (mod[/math] [math]2)[/math][math]n+m+p = 1 + 1 + 1 (mod[/math] [math]2)[/math]Let's call [math]n+m+p[/math] as [math]x[/math][math]= x = 3 (mod[/math] [math]2)[/math]Numbers in modulo n can be added, I'll write a small proof for it below, [math]a = b (mod[/math] [math]n), c = d (mod[/math] [math]n)[/math][math]a+c = b+d (mod[/math] [math]n)[/math]We can rewrite [math]b[/math] and [math]d[/math] in the following way, [math]n | (b - a) = b-a = n*p[/math] (for some integer p) [math]b = a + np[/math][math]b = a + np, d = c + nq[/math][math]b + d = a + np + c + nq[/math][math]b+d = a + c + n(p + q)[/math]Now we have shown that our result is true, moving forward, [math]3 = 1 (mod[/math] [math]2)[/math][math]x = 1 (mod[/math] [math]2)[/math]Therefore the sum of three odd numbers can never be even. It will always be congruent to 1 in mod 2.(This was what I wrote for a merged answer).Modular arithmetic  - Link on modular arithmetic, the basic operations. Modular multiplicative inverse - The multiplicative inverse in modular operations.Congruence relationFermat's little theorem Modular exponentiation - As title suggests.Good luck!
My partner has a home in Santa Fe and wants me to retire there with her. I'm concerned about access to quality medical care. Do many retirees go to Albuquerque or out of state for specialized care?
Honestly, it depends on what kind of specialized care you need.Many of our specialists are in ABQ, at UNM. That doesn’t mean that Santa Fe specialists aren’t here. It just means that with her specific needs, ABQ met them best 5 years ago.Presbyterian just opened a new hospital in Santa Fe. They’re bringing in their own group of specialists. Christus has a sprawling medical practice with buildings throughout Santa Fe. Specialists can be found in many places.Can ABQ meet all my daughter’s needs? No. So we went up to Denver. A friend of mine went to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. I had an ENT in Santa Fe. When my case needed a unique approach, I was sent to ABQ. But my ophthalmologist is here in Santa Fe. My TMJ doctor is here.Without knowing specifically what you need, I don’t know that we can answer your question to your satisfaction. However, your partner can look up specialists in the area. You can read patient reviews. You can read published and/or journal articles written by these specialists and see what you think about their style and practices.I would love to be of more assistance. If your partner is not able to research specialists in your area, feel free to contact our non-profit, LYDIA, Inc. and we’ll do our best to help you find the answers you seek.
What percentage of a total group has to fill out a poll to make it a representative sample?
I’m used to dealing with enormous population in which you don’t look at the percent, but at total absolute numbers.Depends on the margin of error you can accept as well as the proportion you might expect. For example‡ if you are doing a poll between two candidates for public office and its a 50/50 chance, you can:Error = 1.96 * sqrt (0.5*0.5/Number of people)Number of people = 1.96^2*.5*.5/Error^2Let’s say you want no more than a 3% error. Do the math, you’ll need about 1068 people.Now let’s say you want no more than 3% error but one of the candidates is a neo-Nazi. So now instead of 50/50, maybe you expect a 10/90.Number of people = 1.96*2*0.1*0.9/Error^2The sample drops to 385.As the expected results get close to 0, the number of people you need will drop.Just one other caution - beyond the math, you need to make sure that your sample is large enough to capture the variability of the population. If you’re polling an area that is 100% white rural people, there isn’t much variability. If you’re polling an area that is multiracial, multigender, whatever, there’s going to be a lot of variability in your population. Even if the math says to get a certain number of people, variability = less precision and in those circumstances I would get more than the math requires - just to be on the safe side.
Why do immigrants have to fill out so many forms to be granted access to the United States?
I’m assuming that it has to do with national security, etc. My question is why shouldn’t they have to do this? LEGAL immigrants work really hard to be citizens of the US. That’s the way it should be for someone who wants something strongly enough.
When I fill out a loan application form at a bank, how does the bank know if I am lying about my total assets and liabilities?
Your credit report has more than the score, because part of what makes up you score is the amount of liabilities and how they are handled. Liabilities that will show areCar payments and balanceCredit cardsDepartment store cardsStudent loansChild support/alimony Judgements                       And many more.For assetsBank statementsBrokerage accounts401k statements etc.If an applicant is sufficiently strong (20% down-payment and a few months mortgage payments reserved) then all assets are usually not verified.But as a mortgage broker I've even used a car and boat title to boost an otherwise shaky application.
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