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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing boeing early retirement 2021

Instructions and Help about boeing early retirement 2021

Captain's if you don't live off the Boeing 767 then unfortunately I have some sad news for you guys now a few days ago I made a video about the retirement of the 767 from the fleet of American Airlines well to add another Airlines the list Hawaiian Airlines have just confirmed that they will retire that summer six seven three hundred er flee as early as the first quarter of 2021 now they used to operate eight of the planes around the mall for June and slowly they've been phasing them out three of the planes are said to be transferred to United Airlines and other three will be sent back to the leases now this is actually about three months earlier than they initially planned but since they dropped their Beijing service they don't really have a need for the planes anymore and they're also expecting to take deliveries of the av21 Neos and the a330 to hundreds which will be a suitable replacement but the unfortunate reality is is that the 767 is an economical anymore compared to playing such as the a320 1eo majority of their rules are from the west coast of Hawaii and the NiO is cheaper to operate Dennis m67 as a result the news will open new opportunities in the lower traffic markets now couldn't really support a wide-body service and in addition to the cost savings the transition from the seven six seven to the Neo will also boost the airline service now the new has a seating capacity of around 180 seats compared with the 250 seats for the seven 6/7 and by deploying the Neo on lower demand routes they will need to offer as many discounted tickets to fill the planes now they also plan to have seven of the Neos by the end of March instead they began with two at the start of the year and the third one didn't arrive until May they currently have 16 orders for the new planes with eight already in service and ten more still yet to arrive but the airline has felt the consequences of the delays they trained the pilots to fly the Neos but they didn't have enough work for them and secondly the plans will retire all the sounds examined earlier on this year they had to do extra maintenance work in order to return the plane to service temporarily and adding costs beyond what the plane is actually worth using a less efficient plane rather than the a321 neo so all in all guys the a320 neo will complement the current flee of 23 a 50s on long-haul routes between Hawaii and the u.s. west coast I know there are hardcore fans who will miss the plane and unfortunately it will start becoming a rare sight in the skies while a leasing the commercial service anyway we know that the cargo sector is currently booming but at the end of the day that's just.

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