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How do I know if someone is reading my WhatsApp messages from another device?
WhatsApp doesn’t support multiple devices for a single account. It will always make the older devices WhatsApp app obsolete as soon as you activate the service in the new devices. So, they can’t have access to your account through another mobile. There is only one loop whole possible in your case. WhatsApp allows its user to connect their app to desktop/laptop using WhatsApp Web. If someone verified their laptop browser for your WhatsApp account, they could access your chat messages in WhatsApp web whenever you and he/she are connected with the same WiFi.I recommend you to go Settings - WhatsApp Web and check if there is any suspicious computers have access to your WhatsApp account through WhatsApp web. If you find any, click logout from all computers option. It will prevent spying person to have further access to your WhatsApp account.
How can I find out if someone is remotely reading my text messages without access to my phone?
Finding out if they are viewing your texts is a lot more complicated than preventing them from doing so. Unless you catch them in the act there is no real way to know if they are viewing your messages.There may be clues though. I suspected an Ex of reading my texts because she made comments that alluded to facts I had only discussed with a person via texts.When I checked my Apple Device Manager, I discovered an old iPad I had given her son was still logged into my Apple ID and my texts could be viewed on that device by simply turning in the texts in the settings.So it is possible to view your texts without some government program or Court Order as some have alluded. If a person has access to a device you were previously signed onto, then they are able to view your texts on that device.An example would be an old phone you are still logged onto or as I mentioned, an iPad. They would only need to connect to the internet to gain access to your texts. With iOS, you have to approve the other device but once you have it will continue to receive your texts until you change the password to your Apple ID.If you are using WhatsApp it’s as easy as knowing your login and password. They would simply log in to the App on their phone with your credentials and voila- see it all!If a person is devious and has the ability to tamper with your device, they could also forward the texts.[1] Really Scary huh!?It is possible to track a phone and view texts remotely. There are services which allow nefarious individuals to spy on you if they are willing to pay! This is very scary!!The best way to avoid this is to change your Apple ID often. Log out of all devices you no longer use- View and remove your associated devices in iTunesFor Android- Timothy Wingerter's answer to How do I remove unused device from Android Device Manager tool?In WhatsApp (or any texting app) change your password. If the other person is viewing your texts, it will end.Don’t trust anyone with your phone alone. I had a friend that allowed her boyfriend to get her a new phone. He told her he traded in her old phone. A few months later she did “Find My iPhone” and her old phone was at his house.He explained that he didn’t want her to know they wouldn’t take the old phone back and he paid full price. She excepted his explanation but as I told her, why was it still logged into her Apple ID, charged and online at his house?He explained that he was using it to play music when she confronted him with more questions and it led to them breaking up because she began to remember texts disappearing from her lock screen at times.And another strange comment he made about not having alcohol at her Father’s retirement party when she knew she had never discussed it with him but had had the conversation via text with her sister.Change your password to everything whenever you feel suspicious. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Android, Apple ID, and etc. all need to be changed regularly regardless but if you have suspicions change them immediately.That’s how you know! If your gut tells you someone is reading your private messages, act on it. If you have to, go trade in your phone and get another number. That’s the only 100% way to curtail it if someone has gotten to your phone.Footnotes[1] How to send, receive texts on two Android phones from a single number | ZDNet
How do I reset my Gmail password when I don't remember my recovery information?
How do I reset my Gmail password when I don't remember my recovery information?Sad fact: You CAN’T.Unsurprisingly, Google has very solid account security. Among the finest in the world, in fact. If you have lost or forgotten your Google/Gmail password, or if your account was hacked, you have exactly one way to get back into that account. The automated process that starts here:https://accounts.google.com/sign...That’s IT.Really!I’ve answered variations on this other times and places, and added a lot of other detail. But it all adds up to the same thing.If you have a G Suite account thru a business or school, you can call your Administrator. If you own a G Suite hosted domain (cheaper and easier than you think, and worth doing) or if you are an Admin on a domain, then you can call tech support at Google, directly. They’re available 24/7, and trust me, they are good.But with a free Gmail account, if you get locked out, you absolutely cannot contact a human being at Google about it. You can’t call, text, email, snail mail, carrier pigeon or pony express them.Sorry. No.UPDATE, 10/17/2018. There is a new product, Google One. It offers additional account storage - and tech support, for gmail addresses, including live phone support. Which of course made me VERY curious if this could be used to unlock accounts. So being as I already pay for additional storage and was therefore automatically enrolled in Google One, I filled in the little form, and had them call me.And the answer is‡ NO. The tech support folks you can reach with the Google One service do indeed work for Google. But they do not (and cannot!) offer any assistance for locked out accounts, other than to walk you thru the automated process. If that process fails to get you in - you lost the account.Side issue: The reason there are so many collapsed answers here is because there are a ton of scammers out there who want you to call them, and they work hard to get their links into Quora answers. They will also use every trick there is to convince you they are somehow affiliated with or sanctioned by Google. They aren’t. They can only use the same automated process I linked above - and charge you good money for doing something you can do yourself.Again, there is only one way to recover a free Gmail/Google account.https://accounts.google.com/sign...If you can’t get in using that process, you lost the account. Forever.So the best advice I can give you is to carefully go thru the Security Checkup process on your Google Account page, here: https://myaccount.google.comYou can set up a recovery phone number and email address. I STRONGLY suggest you use both, and make the recovery email address one that belongs to a close family member or trustworthy friend. NOT one of your own, that you may forget or lose!Also set up 2-Step Verification, using every possible safety option, including printing your recovery codes and stashing them in several places. Used properly, 2 Step can and will prevent your account getting hacked.
I forgot my Facebook password and email password. How can I log into Facebook?
Forgetting the password is pathetic and trying to remember the password may be exhausting. But do not worry you can reset your account by the following process:For Facebook:Go to the facebook page.Click on “forget account” which is below the password box.Now you can find your account by typing your Email or Phone number.Click on “Search”.Select the option to get the code. You can get an option to get a code through mail or phone number.Click on “Continue”.Wait for a second you will get your code in your cell phone or in the mail.Enter the code you receive in through call or mail (depends upon the option you choose).Click on “Continue”.Type a new password in the box.Click on “Continue”.Choose the option as per your convenience.Click on “Continue”. Now you can access your Facebook account with the new password.For Email:1. Go to the home page(www.gmail.com). We are taking an example of a Gmail account.2. Type your Email ID or Phone number in the box.3. Click on the “Next” button.4. Click on “Forget password”.5. You can enter the password that you remember or,6. You can click on “Try another way”.7. Select the option.If you don't have a phone with you:Click on “I don’t have my phone”.8. Click on the “Send” button.9. Type code in the box that you received.10. Click on “Next”.11. Type desired password that you can remember.12. Re-enter the password on the second box where Confirm is written.13. Click on “Continue to Gmail”.Your password has been changed.
How can I regain access to my Facebook account without having access to the mobile phone number?
I recently recovered one of my friends account through this processDo this process from mobile onlyJust click on forgotten accountType your name or email or mobile no and click submit and click on no longer access to thisIt will show you the steps you should follow you should send a id proof to Facebook with all information from a mail account no problem who's mail account is it or just create a One. Within 2–3 days you will get an password reset mail from Facebook to reset your password if everything is correctThats it you recovered your accountIf any doubts happy to answerCheers
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