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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing boeing total access phone number

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From the moment the world heard malaysia airlines flight mh17 had crashed in a ukrainian field in july last year killing everyone on board two overarching questions remained unanswered how did it happen and wide now only one is outstanding after a 15 month seven nation investigation we now know how mh17 was forced from the sky flight mh17 crashed because of the nine m31 4m warhead detonated outside the aeroplane the best the left side of the cockpit this warhead fits the kind of missile that is installed on the buk surface-to-air missile system as a result of the warheads detonation thousands of small preformed metal objects were ejected this tremendous force several hundreds of them hit the aeroplane the impact killed the three crew members present in the cockpit at that moment and cost structural damage to the forward part of the airplane as a result of the detonation the forward section of the airplane broke off after which the airplane broke up in the air the tail section probably crashed before the center section this center section is also contained the engines hit the ground upside down and caught fire the break-up resulted in a wreckage area of about 1550 square kilometers almost two-thirds of the 298 passengers and crew on the Boeing triple7 were Dutch so it was the Dutch who led the international investigation team at an Air Force Base in the Netherlands aviation experts spent three months painstakingly piecing together on a specially manufactured frame debris gathered from the countryside in an area of eastern Ukraine close to the Russian border near Donetsk we're at the time of the crash there had been fierce fighting between Ukrainian government forces and separatist militia backed by Moscow which brings more questions why was the airliner flying over a war zone and who fired the missile that blew it out of the sky sixty-one operators from 32 different countries flew above the area on the day of the crash a total of 160 flights had operated above the eastern part of Ukraine until the airspace was closed after the crash every single one of those operators thought that it was safe there was undeniable an armed conflict taking place on the ground but above 32,000 feet that is approximately 10 kilometres the airspace was open to civil aviation nobody considered the possibility that civil aircraft at cruising altitude were at risk in the early afternoon of July the 17th 2021 a Boeing triple7 200 of Malaysia Airlines departs Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for kuala lumpur malaysia flight mh17 enters Ukrainian airspace at an altitude of 33,000 feet following airway Lima nine eight zero the crew diverts a short distance to the north to avoid some thunderstorms when returning to the airway in the eastern part of Ukrainian airspace in this region an armed conflict between the Ukrainian government and armed groups is in progress therefore lower levels of the airspace are restricted for civil air traffic flight.


How do I reset my Gmail password when I don't remember my recovery information?
How do I reset my Gmail password when I don't remember my recovery information?Sad fact: You CAN’T.Unsurprisingly, Google has very solid account security. Among the finest in the world, in fact. If you have lost or forgotten your Google/Gmail password, or if your account was hacked, you have exactly one way to get back into that account. The automated process that starts here:https://accounts.google.com/sign...That’s IT.Really!I’ve answered variations on this other times and places, and added a lot of other detail. But it all adds up to the same thing.If you have a G Suite account thru a business or school, you can call your Administrator. If you own a G Suite hosted domain (cheaper and easier than you think, and worth doing) or if you are an Admin on a domain, then you can call tech support at Google, directly. They’re available 24/7, and trust me, they are good.But with a free Gmail account, if you get locked out, you absolutely cannot contact a human being at Google about it. You can’t call, text, email, snail mail, carrier pigeon or pony express them.Sorry. No.UPDATE, 10/17/2018. There is a new product, Google One. It offers additional account storage - and tech support, for gmail addresses, including live phone support. Which of course made me VERY curious if this could be used to unlock accounts. So being as I already pay for additional storage and was therefore automatically enrolled in Google One, I filled in the little form, and had them call me.And the answer is‡ NO. The tech support folks you can reach with the Google One service do indeed work for Google. But they do not (and cannot!) offer any assistance for locked out accounts, other than to walk you thru the automated process. If that process fails to get you in - you lost the account.Side issue: The reason there are so many collapsed answers here is because there are a ton of scammers out there who want you to call them, and they work hard to get their links into Quora answers. They will also use every trick there is to convince you they are somehow affiliated with or sanctioned by Google. They aren’t. They can only use the same automated process I linked above - and charge you good money for doing something you can do yourself.Again, there is only one way to recover a free Gmail/Google account.https://accounts.google.com/sign...If you can’t get in using that process, you lost the account. Forever.So the best advice I can give you is to carefully go thru the Security Checkup process on your Google Account page, here: https://myaccount.google.comYou can set up a recovery phone number and email address. I STRONGLY suggest you use both, and make the recovery email address one that belongs to a close family member or trustworthy friend. NOT one of your own, that you may forget or lose!Also set up 2-Step Verification, using every possible safety option, including printing your recovery codes and stashing them in several places. Used properly, 2 Step can and will prevent your account getting hacked.
I forgot my Facebook password and email password. How can I log into Facebook?
Forgetting the password is pathetic and trying to remember the password may be exhausting. But do not worry you can reset your account by the following process:For Facebook:Go to the facebook page.Click on “forget account” which is below the password box.Now you can find your account by typing your Email or Phone number.Click on “Search”.Select the option to get the code. You can get an option to get a code through mail or phone number.Click on “Continue”.Wait for a second you will get your code in your cell phone or in the mail.Enter the code you receive in through call or mail (depends upon the option you choose).Click on “Continue”.Type a new password in the box.Click on “Continue”.Choose the option as per your convenience.Click on “Continue”. Now you can access your Facebook account with the new password.For Email:1. Go to the home page(www.gmail.com). We are taking an example of a Gmail account.2. Type your Email ID or Phone number in the box.3. Click on the “Next” button.4. Click on “Forget password”.5. You can enter the password that you remember or,6. You can click on “Try another way”.7. Select the option.If you don't have a phone with you:Click on “I don’t have my phone”.8. Click on the “Send” button.9. Type code in the box that you received.10. Click on “Next”.11. Type desired password that you can remember.12. Re-enter the password on the second box where Confirm is written.13. Click on “Continue to Gmail”.Your password has been changed.
How can I regain access to my Facebook account without having access to the mobile phone number?
I recently recovered one of my friends account through this processDo this process from mobile onlyJust click on forgotten accountType your name or email or mobile no and click submit and click on no longer access to thisIt will show you the steps you should follow you should send a id proof to Facebook with all information from a mail account no problem who's mail account is it or just create a One. Within 2–3 days you will get an password reset mail from Facebook to reset your password if everything is correctThats it you recovered your accountIf any doubts happy to answerCheers
How can I recover my Gmail password without a recovery phone number or email?
Reset Gmail Password Phase 1,Access a Google login page, for example, Gmail.com.Enter your Email address and then click or tap on NEXT.You will then see a box telling you to enter your password, But since you don’t know or can’t remember your password, Click/tap on ”Forgot password”You will then see a prompt asking you to Enter the last password you remember using with this Google Account. (Ignore it) And tap on Try another way.You should now see another prompt asking you to confirm the phone number that you added to your Google account. Enter your phone number and click on send.When you have received the verification code, simply insert the code into the box provided by Google to verify it is you.Wait…….What?Cannot reset your password with a code by text?You didn’t give Google a phone number for verification?You lost the number you gave to Google? If you did lose your phone number in an event of a theft, in most countries you can visit your service provider, complain to them and they’ll give you a new sim card with your old number.If you can’t retrieve your number, then your case is quite serious,Your next hope would be going to Googles Account Support page, you will be asked some questions for verification purpose.So, that takes us to phase 2Reset Gmail Password Phase 2,If you added an extra layer of security to your Google account by providing recovery details then you will probably have different options that would help you in resetting your Gmail password.If you didn’t? Then you probably won’t see this Phase, It might take you to Phase 3 or 4.So maybe you added a phone verification method for your Google account?If you did? That’s nice because this gives you an upper hand,Simply,Open the Account Support page.Enter your Email address if you are asked to, then click/tap on NEXT.If you are asked to receive the verification code via text(Phase 1), ignore and tap on ”try another way”.You should then see a request asking you if you would want to Get a prompt on your device?. (Be sure to have your device handy).On your mobile device, you will receive a prompt, Tap on YES, then tap on the number showing on your log in screen.On the next page, Select a strong password, and you are good to go.This is an awesome way to recover your Gmail account if you forgot your password, but for this phase to work you should have already added your mobile device as a recovery option.If you did not set your mobile device as a Google Account recovery option, then you would probably see Phase 3 and not phase 2.Reset Gmail Password Phase 3,You will have to open the Account Support page Again.Enter your Email account and proceed.Skip any Phase that didn’t work for you, You can skip by tapping/clicking on (Try a different question).Enter complete recovery Email. (You must have already added a recovery email address for this to work).Tap/click on send and wait for Google’s reply on the recovery Email’s inbox.Be sure to check the recovery email, If it doesn’t look familiar or you no longer have access to it then you have to read Reset Google Password Phase 4.If you didn’t give Google a recovery email then your case just got to a whole new level of difficulty,Seriously, It gets better/worse:Moving on to the next phase.Reset Gmail Password Phase 4,So you checked the recovery Email and it is not familiar? Or you Don’t have access to it again?Don’t give up just yet,Before Going ahead with phase 4, you should think!. Your recovery Email could be your Yahoo mail or your friend’s Email account…..Moving On,Phase 4 is really difficult.It is literally a guessing game for some.Open Googles Account support page again.Enter your Email Address if it prompts you to.Skip previous phases that were not of help till you get to where you see Month and Year.You will have to answer a difficult question ”When did you create this Google account” If you can prthe correct month and year then you have a shot at resetting your Gmail password.If this still doesn’t work for you, then your case is getting to a whole new level of difficult……..Just so you’d know, I was reading an article somewhere and I Learned that Google no longer creates Security questions and answers, but if your account is old enough you would still have that option.I sincerely do not know how true this is.But I do know that another way of resetting your Gmail password is by answering a secret question provided by Google. A question they feel only you would have the answer to.And that leads us to,Reset Gmail Password phase 5Skip the previous phases if they are still not working for you. You still have another shot at retrieving your Google account.Open Google’s Account support page again.Skip previous phases till you get to where you would ”Answer the security question you added to your account“.All you will have to do afterward is prthe correct answer to the security question you are set.There’s a challenge though. After successfully completing phase 5 you might be redirected to phase 3 where you will need to enter a recovery email address.
How can I recover my Facebook account password without phone number and email?
I’ve been living and working in China for about six years and most of my customers work in manufacturing. It seems that the only corporations being affected are U.S. corporations (in other words, factories that actually belong to the U.S.). So this trade war is really doing more harm to the U.S.Trump is basically targeting U.S. infrastructure in China since he seems to think these manufacturing jobs should go back to the U.S. However, the actual U.S. corporations know and understand it would be suicide. American factory workers are more expensive than Chinese workers and China is way ahead in automation as well. It’s just cheaper to manufacture in China. Plus, the Chinese population, who constitutes almost 20% of the world population, is a major consumer of these goods, which helps U.S. corporations who don’t need to import since they are literally located in China. If they leave, they lose‡ a lot.Nevertheless, production at these U.S. factories have gone down as a result. I suppose it would also affect their profit margins. So it’s hurting U.S. factories in China, and the body corporate back in the U.S. must be fuming at the mouth at Trump. I’ve heard from my customers that some of these corporations are looking at places like Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. to keep the cost of manufacturing low enough to still be able to compete. So the jobs are not going back to the U.S. Furthermore, most of the manufacturing plants in those other countries are also controlled by China. So the money is still going to China.Another solution some U.S. manufacturers are apparently looking at is to use these other countries and places like Hong Kong or Taiwan as channels to keep exporting the exact same goods out of China, kind of like a back alley detour. Since the tariffs don’t apply to Hong Kong, Taiwan or neighbouring countries, these places can be used as ports from where they can export, negating the entire purpose of Trump’s tariffs. So in other words, the trade deficit can be artificially split by China to look like it went down while it really never did.It might work. Trump just wants to look good.So I have to be honest. This whole trade war has almost no impact on the Chinese side. Chinese and European manufacturers in China are largely unaffected. Even Google’s decision to ban Huawei form using some of their Android OS functions are having no impact here. Not a single phone in China uses Google Services or Play Store anyway since China already banned Google in 2021. Huawei phones in China mostly use EMUI, which is based on Android. They also have their own app store, and since I’m English and can’t use it, I basically download apps from Google Play, install it on my Huawei phone, and it works just fine. Probably because Android is OpenSource anyway. Anyone can download it and modify it if they want.So I’m really not seeing any impact. People here are still friendly, everything is still cheaper than in most other countries I’ve ever visited, and life goes on. In fact, China’s Belt and Road Initiative might ironically get a big boost from this. The only thing Trump seems to be achieving right now is to sour international relationships. I think this is hurting the U.S. more.This whole thing could’ve been avoided if Trump didn’t give massive tax cuts to Corporate America. In a sense, this trade war looks like a Republican attempt to make up for this mistake. On the campaign trail, Trump proposed a $10 trillion tax cut but insisted it wouldn’t boost the federal budget deficit because the economy would “take off like a rocket ship.” Then the opposite happened. The U.S. Treasury reported that the 2021 deficit swelled to $779 billion. That level marks a 17 percent increase over 2021. the highest in six years.So it looks like the Trump administration is just moving from one blunder to the next, and continues to try to fix their blunders with more blunders. If this was a chess game, Trump would be playing with a king, a pawn and the little dog from Monopoly. In other words, he’s way out of his league here.
How do I access my Yahoo accounts without still having the old mobile numbers or email associated with them?
Steps #1: Go to the Sign in page of Yahoo accountTo recover the old yahoo password, you must first go to the official Yahoo account sign in section. And after that, you have to click on the Sign-in Helper (Need Help?) in the Yahoo account which will redirect you to the next section for password recovery.Steps #2: Click I don't remember passwordNow once you have entered the next section, you have click on the option " I don't remember password". There is also an option for you to choose even if you have forgotten the Email ID. (But here we are concerned only about the recovery of password, not the Email)Step #3: Enter your Yahoo Email IDNow the next step is to add your valid email ID, which will lead you to the next step of recovery. Here in this step, you have to prthe valid Yahoo Email ID which you have used during the signup process i.e creating the Yahoo Account. This step is necessary as because they should confirm that you are a Yahoo account user.Step 4: Click on options for password RecoveryIn this section, you are going to get three options- Mobile phone number recovery, Alternative Email Address and final one Secret Questions. Of all the 3 option, a single option answered correctly can help you to give your old password. But if you fail to answer, try simultaneously for the next option that one of it is, of course, going to help you for recovery.Select one of the methods below for exact steps to securely verify your identity and Recover Yahoo Password.Now Let us try all the below methods till you login to your old yahoo mail account.1.Recovery Using Phone NumberRecovering password using the phone number is the first process provided by Yahoo for making a quick recovery. There are following steps by which you can easily grab the Old password and create a new one.Go to the Sign-in Helper of your Yahoo account.Pryour valid email address or your phone number that you have used while creating the Yahoo account.In this section of recovery, you will see the last two numbers of your phone number. Now click Yes, text me a code button, Now Yahoo will send a verification code to your phone number.On receiving the code enter the verification code in the field provided to show on the screen.Now click on the Verify button, it might take few seconds to proceed.Now you will get access into the password reset section Click Continue to proceed.Recovering password using the phone number is the first process provided by Yahoo for making a quick recovery. There are following steps by which you can easily grab the Old password and create a new one.2. Alternate email address Method:1.First Step Go to the password helper.2.Enter your email address or click I don’t know my Yahoo email address.3.If you have a mobile number, listed on your account, that option will be shown.4.Click No, I can’t receive text. You’ll see your alternate email address.5.If you have access to that email, click Yes, email me. ‡ A ‘Recover access to your Yahoo account” email will be sent to your alternate email address.6.Enter the verification code that yahoo sent you, then click Submit.7.Click Continue or you can click Create new password and update Your new Password on the spot.And Done Your Yahoo ID is recovered.3.Recovery using the Secret QuestionIn this section of recovery, few secret question will be asked, according to what you have filled up while creating this Yahoo account. So here below are the following steps which will allow you to get the old password instantly.Note: If you do not prthe answer to the question, this recovery process will be useless.While signing in the process, if you do not remember the password then select I have a problem with my password.Next steps come for you to enter your Yahoo ID and then click Next.You will be asked for entering the CAPTCHA code provided, as mandatory.In the next step, now select the option Use my secret questions and click Next.Now from the given question, answer correctly to recover your password. After entering the answer now click on Next to proceed.Finally, enter the new password which will be your new and permanent password to use for Yahoo account.Hope this may help you.
How can I recover my old Facebook account without Gmail or mobile number and forgotten my password?
For that you have to set up some ‘trusted contacts’. To do that follow the below steps.You can choose friends to be trusted contacts in case you're ever locked out of your Facebook account. After you've chosen your friends, they'll be able to send you a recovery code with a special URL you can use to get back into your account.To choose your trusted contacts:Go to your Security and Login SettingsScroll down to Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out and click EditClick Choose friends and follow the on-screen instructionsAfter you've chosen your trusted contacts, you can always click Edit to change or remove the friends you've chosen.You have set your trusted contacts. Now, when you have forgot your password & don’t want to use email or phone numbers, then follow the below steps.If you're locked out of your account, you can choose friends to be trusted contacts who can help you get back into your account. To request help from your trusted contacts:Click Forgot account? on the login page.If prompted, find your account by entering your email, phone, username or full name and click Search.Look at the list of email addresses listed on your account. If you don't have access to any of these, click No longer have access to these?Enter a new email or phone that you know you can access and click Continue.Click Reveal My Trusted Contacts and type the full name of one of your trusted contacts.You'll see a set of instructions that includes a special URL. The URL contains a recovery code that only your trusted contacts can access. Call your friends and give them the URL so that they can open the link and give the security code to you.Use the recovery codes from your trusted contacts to access your account.Please be sure to call your friends or talk to them in person when asking for the special security code. If your Facebook account was hacked, someone else could also have access to your email account.Quotes source- Facebook Help Center | Facebook
Mathematical Puzzles: What is + + = 30 using 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15?
My question had been merged with another one and as a result, I have added the previous answer to the present one. Hopefully this provides a clearer explanation. Just using the numbers given there, it's not possible, because odd + odd = even, even + odd = odd. 30 is an even number, the answer of 3 odd numbers must be odd, it's a contradiction. If what people say is true, then the question is wrongly phrased its any number of operations within those three brackets must lead to 30. Then it becomes a lot easier. Such as 15 + 7 + (7 + 1). That would give 30. But it assumes something that the question does not state explicitly and cannot be done that way. I still stick to my first point, it can't be done within the realm of math and just using three numbers, if not, then the latter is a way to solve it.EDIT:   This question has come up many times, Any odd number can be expressed as the following, Let [math]n, m, p[/math] be an odd number, [math] n = 1 (mod[/math] [math]2), m = 1 (mod[/math] [math]2), p = 1 (mod[/math] [math]2)[/math][math]n+m+p = 1 + 1 + 1 (mod[/math] [math]2)[/math]Let's call [math]n+m+p[/math] as [math]x[/math][math]= x = 3 (mod[/math] [math]2)[/math]Numbers in modulo n can be added, I'll write a small proof for it below, [math]a = b (mod[/math] [math]n), c = d (mod[/math] [math]n)[/math][math]a+c = b+d (mod[/math] [math]n)[/math]We can rewrite [math]b[/math] and [math]d[/math] in the following way, [math]n | (b - a) = b-a = n*p[/math] (for some integer p) [math]b = a + np[/math][math]b = a + np, d = c + nq[/math][math]b + d = a + np + c + nq[/math][math]b+d = a + c + n(p + q)[/math]Now we have shown that our result is true, moving forward, [math]3 = 1 (mod[/math] [math]2)[/math][math]x = 1 (mod[/math] [math]2)[/math]Therefore the sum of three odd numbers can never be even. It will always be congruent to 1 in mod 2.(This was what I wrote for a merged answer).Modular arithmetic  - Link on modular arithmetic, the basic operations. Modular multiplicative inverse - The multiplicative inverse in modular operations.Congruence relationFermat's little theorem Modular exponentiation - As title suggests.Good luck!
How can I recover my Facebook account? I forgot my password and the mobile number that was used to verify the code was already lost.
You dont need your Phone Number as long as you can Access your Emailif you forgot your password you will have to reset itfor security reasons facebook can not send you your current passwordto reset it click forgot password put in your email addressfacebook will send you a password reset link to your emailclick on the link inside the email message and pick a new passwordIf you cant Access your Email then your out of luck unless you can Remember your Password
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